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We appreciate you emailing Club Penguin regarding the recent changes to membership on Club Penguin.

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that every penguin on our site is an important and valued player of the Club Penguin community. We understand that it can sometimes be frustrating not being able to access and purchase clothing or furniture for your penguin. That being said, Club Penguin is not just about purchasing items, its about community, having fun with others and being safe. These are values that will always be Club Penguin\'s highest priority, however we will be continuing to add extra features for those who choose to support our site through membership.

As Billybob mentioned in the \"What\'s New\" blog, we have recently started listing to those players who choose to be members on our site. Member penguins have been asking for a while for more features just for them. Since these players pay to use our site it is only fair that they should be able to access more features (parties, items, games) that free players cannot; as free penguins do not pay to access more. So, if you want more, you have to pay!
Why are members so important? The financial support from members allows our staff at Club Penguin to take ideas that players submit and make them a reality on our site. Most of the items, games, rooms and parties you see were players ideas first, to which we listened and created them just as you asked. To make these ideas come to life it requires hundreds of dedicated employees who work day and night on these ideas. This is why we do not offer a free membership option on our website, as running any business costs money. As Club Penguin pays all its employees solely through memberships, without members paying to use our site every month, Club Penguin would not be able to exist at all!

All that said, there are ways that you too can purchase a membership on your own. Why not ask your parent or guardian if you can start a paper route, collect empty bottles or do some chores around the house. The cost of a 1 month membership is $5.95 USD, which is less expensive than renting a movie from the video store for a weekend. Also, don\'t forget to look for our Game Cards, which are available in specific stores around the world. These cards allow players to take their own money or allowance and purchase a membership, without having to ask mom or dad to use their credit card!!!

To learn more about all the great features you can access as a member or to purchase a membership, be sure to visit the following website: 

If you have any further questions or concerns we can assist you with, please feel free to respond to this email at any time.


Club Penguin Support

2/10/2009 22:34:23

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