-From Tiro123-

I will now tell you the story before Club Penguin was founded. This is a true story and I was not a beta tester. I got this story through a little research, I had done. Well the story starts from here:-

Club Penguin was first started with the idea of Experimental Penguins, an extremely popular game in 2000. Close to when Rocketsnail started they made a multiplayer game chat. You could choose a name and be a default color. Little is known about Experimental Penguins since there are not any pictures of gameplay and such. From the icon they put next to it on or, it seems that there was dynamite and Snow Cats which soon made their way into Penguin Chat. Experimental Penguins only stayed up for a few months and got several awards. It closed down and then Penguin Chat came along. During Experimental Penguins, there was a game being worked on for it called ‘Snowblasters’. The game was never finished before they put up Penguin Chat.

Penguin Chat came after Experimental Penguins. The game changed penguin’s looks. Penguin Chat 1, where you could only put in a name, walk around, and chat, had only the Dance Club, the Coffee Shop and the Boiler Room. The Gift Shop, at first, was just a place to buy merchandise like mugs and shirts. The Dance Club had many different songs. At one time ‘The Banana Phone’ song was played. Instead of the Boiler Room being in the top right corner speaker, you would go to the bottom left one. The Boiler Room was more secret then than now, few penguins knew about it and when you could become a ninja, there were many Ninja Clans that would meet there. A little later you could go to what is now the Snow Forts. At first it was just a room with a ‘Coming Soon’ Sign. Then you could go on the sign and go to a construction site where you could go into a Snow Cat (Bull Dozer).

This is the history of events which happened in Club Penguin. These maybe outdated.