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Thank you for taking the time to contact us again.

As mentioned previously the penguin \"Jawser123\" was banned for the use of inappropriate language within Club Penguin on multiple occasions. These bans were made in conjunction with the rules of Club Penguin and our terms of use.

Club Penguin uses 256 bit encryption technology for all of its passwords and billing information. This is considerably higher than the standard 128 bit encryption used by most financial institutions. This security is for the protection of our players safety and ensures that penguin accounts can not be \'hacked.\'The password for a penguin is the only gateway into that account.With that said, there are still a few ways that someone else can gain access to
a penguin:

1. If the password is shared with someone.
2. If the \'Remember Me\' and/or \'Remember my Password\' option is selected on
a public or shared computer.
3. If the password is simply too easy to figure out.

As there is no way to know exactly who is accessing a penguin account the moment a ban occurs, each penguin is accountable for their actions. Due to the
ban history of this account, we will not be removing the forever ban from this penguin.

You are more than welcome to create a new penguin with the username of your choosing. To do this, please go to the following link:

We are more than willing to answer any other questions you may have regarding Club Penguin or our website, however, we will no longer be responding to questions regarding the ban on \"Jawser123.\"


David F
Club Penguin Support

12/30/2008 06:24:52 pm

@##$$*#@& Club Penguin we will write again!Jawser123's ban will be removed!!!The penguin was hacked!!!


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